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Eli Brecher is a healthy recipe developer and content creator, who has been specialising in dairy-free and gluten-free recipes for over 6 years. As the founder of Eli Brecher Nutrition, with over 12K+ followers on Instagram, Eli’s mission is to make nutrition less stressful, with her simple, delicious and accessible recipes. Eli’s undeniable passion for the wellness and nutrition industry has seen her firmly cement herself as a leading recipe developer, working with high profile brands on supermarket shelves such as Alpro, Waitrose and Aldi, and designing the menus at London’s top boutique fitness studios. As a result of living with Crohn’s all her life, Eli is qualifying to become a Registered Nutritionist.

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RECIPE DEVELOPMENT – Eli works closely with brands and industry leading voices to develop, style and photograph recipes that work to their brand objectives and style. From mains and desserts to snacks and smoothies, Eli will create content that beautifully showcases your brand, and can include product reviews and sharing on her own social channels to her loyal, dedicated community. Examples here, here and here.

PRODUCT GIVEAWAYS – A great way to maximise your social media reach. Simply select the products to offer in the giveaway and I will promote it across one/all of my channels.

BRAND AMBASSADORSHIP – Eli has represented numerous brands within the wellness industry that she is passionate about, such as Myvegan, Natvia, Koro, Nush and Creative Nature as an ambassador.

FREELANCE WRITING – Whether it is recipe blogs, guest posts, online magazine articles or healthy city guides, Eli regularly freelances wellness editorial content. Examples here and here.

INTERVIEWS & PODCASTS – These could be about blogging, nutrition, starting a business as a student, or my health journey with Crohn’s.

I have collaborated with many brands including: Waitrose, Alpro, Livia’s, Deliveroo, Aldi, Innocent, Meridian, Natvia, Mornflake and Ninja Kitchen – just to name a few!
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