The Gut Microbiome + Fun Facts about the Gut

gut health eli brecher nutrition

gut health eli brecher nutrition


Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria that are essential to your health, known as the gut microbiome.⁠

The gut microbiome weighs about 2kg and is bigger than the average human brain 🧠 ⁠

It’s been linked with everything from controlling appetite and ability to digest food, to overcoming anxiety and supporting immunity.⁠

Studies suggest that having a diverse population of gut microbes is associated with better health. ⁠

However, as human populations have urbanised, the diversity of microbes has declined.⁠

This might be due to a combination of our lifestyle, our diet, the cleanliness in our homes and our frequent use of antibiotics. ⁠

One of the implications of this loss of diversity in our gut microbiome appears to be a significant increase in chronic diseases (e.g. asthma, food allergies, and autoimmune disorders). ⁠

Take-home message: DIVERSITY IS KEY 🔑 so eat the rainbow and load up on different plant-based sources of fibre to nourish your gut microbiome 🦠 ⁠

gut health eli brecher nutrition

gut health eli brecher nutrition

gut health eli brecher nutrition

As well as eating a diverse diet to nurture those gut microbes, there are many other ways you can look after your gut, including reaching your daily fibre goal (30g per day), minimising stress levels, reducing the amount of ultra-processed food, getting adequate sleep and doing regular movement throughout the day.

gut health eli brecher nutrition

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