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"She has a no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach"

I came to Eli for advice about managing my ongoing gut issues, after years of being given strange and restrictive diets from a hospital nutritionist. Eli has been amazing. As well as being a really genuine and lovely person she is extremely knowledgeable.

She has a no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach to diet and supplements. Eli makes sure that all recommendations are realistic and achievable as well as being healthy and nutritious. Her recipes are delicious and so easy to make! I have personally recommended Eli to many of my clients (I am a psychologist).


"There is really no one else like her"

Eli's approach is completely tailored to each individual - there is really no one else like her. I came to Eli with a clear mission to resolve my PCOS symptoms, especially bloating and energy crashes.

Eli helped me understand the right foods to eat, along with supplements and simple lifestyle changes. I have seen a huge shift in my bloating and mood since working with her. I wake up feeling much more energetic, l no longer constantly crave sugar, and I have more energy to exercise.

Eli truly understands the power of nutrition and can help you meet your health goals with her personalised plans.


"Get in touch with Eli and you won’t look back"

Eli showed me a whole new approach to food - and that eating the right foods rather than crazy dieting works better and makes me more energised. She has taught me that my food choices can make a real difference to how I look and feel, particularly when it comes to bloating.

I found Eli to be extremely knowledgeable, she wanted to work around my likes and dislikes of food so that I would be encouraged to follow her advice. She is passionate about what she does and always approachable, on hand to advise between sessions and was so happy when I reported in to say her ideas, advice and recipes were working for me.

If you're in a rut, do something positive today – get in touch with Eli , and you won’t look back.


"Eli takes a personalised approach "

I came to Eli after noticing weight gain and persistent bloating. We explored everything from lifestyle, diet and eating habits to exercise and sleep. She wasn’t at all judgemental – she listened and then came up with a plan of action.

Eli suggested lots of meal ideas and educated me about the pros and cons of certain foods, steering me in a new direction so that my diet was much more balanced and healthy, with 3 regular meals a day and healthy snacks options if I wanted.

Between sessions, Eli checked in to see how I was doing, advised me what foods to order from my grocery list (she even sent me photos of some products so I knew exactly what to get) and sent lots of delicious recipes to help me on my way.

Eli takes a personalised approach with both food and supplements, tailoring all recommendations to what was right for my individual needs, and I would encourage anyone needing some guidance to get in touch with her.


"Your very doable advice and suggestions have made a genuine impact"

Eli, I just want to thank you for your excellent advice and support. As a woman ‘of a certain age’ my hormone fluctuations were playing havoc with my emotional and physical well-being.

Your very doable advice and suggestions have made a genuine impact and I am feeling so much better since the easy and subtle changes I have now made to my diet. I am so utterly grateful.


"I would 100% recommend her"

I came to Eli struggling with a long list of IBS symptoms and she was massively helpful with dietary advice. I have noticed huge improvements in terms of my IBS, gut health and overall wellbeing.

Eli was so supportive and encouraging and checked in on me regularly to see how I was getting on. She was thoughtful and took the time and effort to listen and understand my issues. I would 100% recommend her to anyone struggling with digestive issues or looking for general nutrition guidance!


"Eli's expertise cuts through the fads"

There is so much advice out there about nutrition that it’s easy to get confused or give up, not knowing what to trust or how it applies to you. Eli's expertise cuts through the fads and gives you the proper, science-based facts.

The fact that she practices what she preaches - and also makes the best granola you can buy - means that I know that when she advises something, it is backed up by research and an understanding of what my body needs. She’s great!


"My quality of life has improved drastically"

Eli's knowledge and understanding is truly remarkable. She has helped me to finally get my gut health under control, and I know that if I follow her guidance, I don't have to worry about the symptoms that have affected me for years. My quality of life has improved drastically - I feel so much more energetic and I couldn't recommend her more.


"Since I started working with Eli, my energy levels have soared"

Since I started working with Eli, my energy levels have soared, my digestion has never been better and my quality of sleep has dramatically improved.

Eli has helped me make small but significant changes to my diet and lifestyle, which has definitely improved my sense of well-being and impacted so many areas of my life. Thank you, Eli!


"Eli’s content was beautifully delivered"

Eli delivered a talk on staying healthy at work for our team. Eli’s content was beautifully delivered, with interesting and relevant examples and practical tips and she managed to demystify nutrition and surrounding concepts with just the right amount of detail for non-specialists!

We look forward to working with Eli again soon.

"You galvanised them into full attention at 9am! "

A huge THANK YOU for a wonderful and incredibly informative presentation, with maximum participation from the entire team. You galvanised them into full attention at 9am!

You provided a brilliant interactive session and we will most definitely invite you back for another session very soon, as it has proven to be one of our most successful presentations.

"Our team are still talking about her nutritional tips "

Eli recently led a session on How to Stay Healthy in the Workplace for our team. It was a really informative & interesting presentation, with great slides, a wide variety of healthy eating tips and great healthy snack suggestions.

The whole team were engaged in the Q&A, as her talk stimulated so many questions. Our team are still talking about her nutritional tips on eating for feeling motivated in the workplace & how they are going to integrate her suggestions into their routine.

"The highlight of my month!"

Eli’s mini-retreats are always the highlight of my month! It’s clear how much love and effort she pours into organising each event, and she has created a beautiful community of women who come together to enjoy a day of self-care and wellness.

It was my first time attending a sound bath and cacao ceremony and was the most magical experience. Eli’s nutrition workshops are so interesting and informative. I will definitely be back again next month as each event is more special than the last.


"Get in touch with Eli - you won’t regret it!"

When I first came to Eli, I was suffering from a long list of symptoms. I felt fed up and desperate for help, as my health was preventing me from living my life to its full potential.

One of the reasons I chose to work with Eli was because she has battled with her own health issues, so I knew she would be able to truly understand what I was going through.

I was not disappointed at all - she took the time to get to really know me and then use her expertise to create highly bespoke plans that were easy to understand and achievable to follow. Get in touch with Eli - you won’t regret it!


"Incredibly nourishing for my physical and mental health"

Eli’s mini-retreats are always a dedicated time to focus on myself, my gut health and my overall well-being. Each mini-retreat has been incredibly informative and nourishing for my mental and physical health. The goody bags are always absolutely amazing - I love trying a whole range of new products carefully selected by Eli! SV

"The best wellness goody bags"

I have attended all of Eli’s retreats and can’t keep away! It is always such a calming, grounding experience with great company, and leaves me totally recharged and relaxed.

Eli has a lovely, kind energy, and I can always count on her to put together the best goody bags for of amazing wellness products! I can’t wait for the next one.


"Working with Eli has 100% been the best investment I’ve made"

What I love most about Eli is she understands that to transform your health, it goes beyond just what you eat. She takes a 360 degree approach, providing a tailored plan which incorporates not only nutrition tips, but also sleep, stress management, exercise and overall wellbeing.

Eli encouraged me to integrate small changes each and everyday. In the 6 months that I we worked together, my symptoms have either improved or I’m able to manage them better than before.

Working with Eli has 100% been the best investment I’ve made - she is a real gem. If you’re struggling with your health, I couldn’t recommend Eli more highly!


"I finally have my health and life back"

When I first contacted Eli, my digestive symptoms had been flaring up for months, despite trying everything under the sun. Eli helped me to take control of my diet and create a lifestyle tailored to my individual needs.

Eli approached my wellbeing from every angle – we talked about my diet, sleep, exercise, stress levels, even my cycle and hormone health. The nutrition plan she created felt so personal; she had put immense thought into every aspect of it.

I am so grateful for all the progress I made in the 6 months working with Eli, and I finally have my health and my life back. Thank you, Eli, for creating such a detailed and personalised plan - it's been totally transformative.


"My entire life has changed ten-fold"

Since working with Eli, my entire life has changed ten-fold. Before I met Eli, my symptoms were negatively affecting my quality of life. I was drinking multiple coffees, making whatever was quickest for lunch and exhausted by the evening.

We worked together for 6 months via Zoom, and for my last session, I met Eli in London which felt like a real milestone for me – when we first started, the idea of travelling on public transport and eating out felt a million miles away.

Eli's knowledge and professionalism shines through and you always feel like you are in incredibly capable hands when under her guidance. At the same time, her encouragement felt like it came from a friend; her excitement is so sincere and her interest in my wellbeing comes from a place of true care.


"Eli taught me the tools I needed to reclaim my health and my life"

My physical health was completely transformed while working with Eli, but the biggest change as a result of working together has been my mindset – the choices I make have become my priority. Today, nothing is more important than my health, and after a year of feeling worse than ever, I now have so much of my life back.

My energy has increased, I can finally sleep through the night and I can even eat out and enjoy life with friends – I couldn’t ask for more. I could not be more grateful to Eli for teaching me the tools I needed to reclaim my health and my life.

I feel at ease thanks to Eli’s help and I know that a positive mindset and a real dedication to looking after your mind and body can hugely improve quality of life. Thanks to Eli, my life has been taken off pause, and I can’t wait to work with her again for my future goals.

Kate H

"I can't thank you enough"

It’s difficult to explain just how grateful I am for your support and expertise. With your detailed bespoke plans, I am confident I will be able to use nutrition and wellbeing to manage my condition.

All that’s left for me to say is THANK YOU - I can’t say it enough. You really are incredible as are your hard work, compassion and support.


"Your dedication to help clients really shines through"

Eli, I want you to know that I think you are a star. Your caring nature and dedication to help clients like me to supercharge their health really shines through. Keep doing what you do!
Thank you again - I appreciate you and your expertise and support more than you know!


"I can't thank you enough"

It was a pleasure working with Eli to achieve my goals to lose weight and eat healthier. I never felt judged and she very much worked with me in achieving my goals. I was able to lose several pounds while improving my health and mindset too. Eli talked me through combining certain foods to keep my blood sugar stable, being sensible about consumption of alcohol and fizzy drinks and eating plenty of protein.

Her expertise was clear to see in her recommendations and suggestions. Eli has a friendly and easy manner and I found her nutrition plan was very approachable. She clearly understands leading a busy life makes it more difficult for people to be put on a rigid regime.


"I highly recommend Eli to anyone seeking gut health guidance"

Working alongside Eli in our recent webinar on gut health was an absolute pleasure. Her expertise in the field shone through as she delivered invaluable insights and practical tips to our audience. Eli demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricate connections between diet, gut health, and overall well-being, leaving attendees empowered to make positive changes. Her passion for helping others achieve optimal health was evident, and I highly recommend Eli to anyone seeking knowledgeable guidance on improving their gut health journey.

Allianz, corporate client

Eli Brecher

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