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Want to master your morning routine? In this eBook, I share my rituals, routines and recipes for a mindful morning, including 12 of my favourite breakfasts! As a nutritionist-to-be, I’ve ensured that every recipe contains a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and fibre. This will keep your energy levels sustained and your blood sugar balanced, for a nourishing way to start the day.

Beyond breakfast, I’ve included a selection of my daily rituals and the tools I use each morning to nourish my body and soul. These healthy habits are an essential part of my morning routine to set me up for a productive day ahead. Begin with Breakfast, and the rest of the day will follow suit!

Eli's Granola

Eli’s Granola is available to order from:

All granolas contain no wheat, dairy or refined sugar and are suitable for vegans. Please let me know about any allergies.

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