6 Reasons To Eat With The Seasons: Your Complete Guide with Monthly Recipes



Want to learn how to eat in tune with the seasons? In this eBook, I share a complete step-by-step guide to seasonal eating, with 12 seasonal recipes to walk you through each month of the year. You’ll learn the what, why and how of seasonal eating, and have some fun along the way with my delicious nourishing recipes.

If you’re interested in eating more seasonally – just as nature intended – then this eBook was created for YOU. Eating seasonally can support our health, the environment, local farmers and our wallet too! Get ready for pear & rhubarb crumble, kale pesto, courgette & carrot fritters and many more tasty and nutritious seasonal recipes!

3 reviews for 6 Reasons To Eat With The Seasons: Your Complete Guide with Monthly Recipes

  1. Ann

    Love the way you set it out, month by month. Great recipe ideas and inspiration.

    • Eli Brecher (verified owner)

      Thank you so much! Delighted to hear that ❤️

  2. Adam (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this ebook. It’s so clear and concise and is useful for anyone to know. Looking forward to more!

    • Eli Brecher (verified owner)

      So thrilled to hear that! There will be plenty more ebooks coming soon 😊

  3. Eleanor (verified owner)

    I’ve wanted to explore seasonal eating and cooking for a while now and was unsure where to start but Eli’s eBook is brilliant! It covers a great selection of produce available during each season and inspiring recipes to match. It’s even made me look at my nutrition in an adventurous way and I’m now trying out all sorts in the kitchen. Thank you!

    • Eli Brecher (verified owner)

      So thrilled to hear that my eBook has helped you on your journey to eating more seasonally and becoming more adventurous in the kitchen!

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