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Events & mini-retreats

Eli Brecher Nutrition

Eli’s mini-retreats combine evidence-based nutrition workshops with wellbeing activities from yoga and meditation to sound baths and cacao ceremonies.

Eli takes a 360 degree approach to health and recognises that true wellness extends beyond the food we eat. Her unique approach, The Mind, Body, Gut Method™, is weaved into her mini-retreats to leave you feeling nourished from the inside out. 

Event themes range from gut health and hormone health to the immune system and nervous system, teaching you nutrition tools, lifestyle strategies, stress management techniques, sleep optimisation tips and mindset practices to empower you to reclaim your health and live your happiest life.

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Upcoming Mini-Retreats

And past events 


Yoga, Nutrition & Meditation

The Spring In Your Step Mini-Retreat focuses on embracing spring, cultivating self-love and nourishing your mind, body and soul, with nutrition workshops on seasonal eating and gut health, vinyasa yoga, meditation and breathwork.

Are you ready to prioritise self-love and self-care this spring? Slow down and immerse yourself in an afternoon of self-nourishment and deep connection – PLUS get your hands on the most epic wellness goody bags!


Be Your Own Valentine

The Self-Love Mini-Retreat is all about nourishing your mind, body and soul, with yoga, nutrition workshops by Eli, a relaxing sound bath and a delicious nourishing brunch.

This mini-retreat has been designed for women who are ready to prioritise self-love and self-care. It’s time to immerse yourself in a day of deep relaxation and connection as you calm your nervous system and recharge – and leave with the goody bag of your wellness dreams!

FESTIVE Mini-Retreat

Navigating The Festive Seasons: Pilates & Brunch

The Festive Mini-Retreat is all about navigating your health and nutrition throughout the festive period, with a pilates-style workout led by Georgie Spurling, a nourishing brunch, meditation and nutrition workshops by nutritionists Eli Brecher and Sophie Bertrand.

You’ll get to meet other people who are passionate about their wellbeing, and you’ll take home the best wellness goody bags – worth more than the ticket price alone!

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Yoga, Sound Bath, Hormones Health & Nutrition

The Breathwork & Brunch Mini-Retreat is teaches you how to support your hormone health, through a series of workshops including yoga, a sound bath with crystal singing bowls, breathwork, meditation, hormone-health nutrition talks by nutritionist Eli Brecher and a delicious brunch grazing feast.

You’ll leave the retreat feeling rebalanced and reconnected to yourself. You’ll take away tips, tools and techniques to implement into your daily life – PLUS the most epic wellness goody bag!


Resetting for the new season

The Autumn Mini-Retreat is an opportunity to nourish your body and mind with an afternoon of yoga, nutrition workshops, a traditional cacao ceremony and a relaxing sound journey. 

Eli will also guide you through a restorative meditation to open and close the event. This immersive experience will include activities to calm the nervous system and take us out of ‘fight-or-flight’ and into ‘rest-and-digest’ mode.

You’ll leave the retreat feeling balanced, relaxed and recharged. You’ll take away tips, tools and techniques to implement into your daily life – PLUS the most epic wellness goody bag!


Transform Your Gut Health

The Mind, Body & Gut Mini-Retreat is all about nourishing our gut health and mental health, with nutrition workshops focused on how to eat to support your mood and brain health, stress management tips & tricks, and tips to integrate nutrition & mindset practices into your daily life. 

The afternoon includes gut-focused yoga, pranayama (breathwork), visualisation meditation and a relaxing sound journey. With matcha, juices and wellness shots on arrival, and delicious snacks and sweet treats to re-fuel, you’ll leave the retreat feeling calm, connected and crystal clear on how to support your mind, body and gut health.




Client Testimonials

"The highlight of my month!"

Eli’s mini-retreats are always the highlight of my month! It’s clear how much love and effort she pours into organising each event, and she has created a beautiful community of women who come together to enjoy a day of self-care and wellness.

It was my first time attending a sound bath and cacao ceremony and was the most magical experience. Eli’s nutrition workshops are so interesting and informative. I will definitely be back again next month as each event is more special than the last.


"The best wellness goody bags"

I have attended all of Eli’s retreats and can’t keep away! It is always such a calming, grounding experience with great company, and leaves me totally recharged and relaxed. Her nutrition workshops are incredibly informative and the events are so nourishing for my mental and physical health.

Eli has a lovely, kind energy, and I can always count on her to put together the best goody bags for of amazing wellness products! I can’t wait for the next one.


"Investing in your health is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Are you ready to transform your health?"

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