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Recipe Development
& Content Creation

Eli works closely with leading brands to create engaging, informative and impactful content that resonates with your audience and aligns seamlessly with your brand identity and vision. Eli develops, styles and photographs recipes that beautifully showcase your brand, along with key marketing messages.

To help expand your brand’s reach and connect with your target audience, Eli can share on her own social channels to her loyal community of passionate foodies and wellness enthusiasts, who are actively seeking reliable information and products that support their wellbeing. 

Eli has developed recipes for many high profile brands, including Waitrose, Alpro, Deliveroo, Aldi, Innocent, Meridian, Kenwood, and more.

Brand Consultancy

Eli offers invaluable nutrition advice that can add real credibility to a company. From assisting with product development to brand launching and event planning, 

As the founder of Eli’s Granola, Eli is passionate about creating delicious food with natural ingredients. Eli has designed menus at London’s top boutique fitness studios and has represented a variety of leading names in the food industry.

Eli’s services include assisting with: 

✔️product development 

✔️ brand launching

✔️ providing an expert voice for brands to the press

✔️ nutrition consultancy 

✔️  article writing

✔️  brand ambassadorship

✔️ bespoke event planning

✔️  restaurant menu design

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