Gut Health: 6 Top Tips

Gut Health Tips

Gut Health Tips

Gut Health: Why is it important?

Did you know that gut health goes far beyond the digestive system? ⁠

The gut is known as the “second brain” and it’s closely linked with mental health, due to its influence on mood and well-being. ⁠

  • 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut, and this “happy hormone” is essential for maintaining mood balance.⁠
  • 70% of the immune system is located in the gut, so it also has very strong links with autoimmune conditions.⁠
  • It’s also associated with anxiety, depression, diabetes, skin conditions, obesity and heart disease.⁠

So supporting the gut microbiome is ESSENTIAL for looking after the rest of your body!⁠


Here are my 6 top tips for looking after your gut health:

1️⃣ EAT MORE FIBRE – aim for 30g fibre per day⁠ ⁠(build up gradually to avoid digestive issues). Fibre is found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, chickpeas and whole grains.

2️⃣ EAT A VARIETY OF FRUIT & VEG – diversity is key! Think about eating the rainbow and aiming to include all the different colours in your diet.

3️⃣ AVOID HIGHLY PROCESSED FOODS – I know this is easier said than done! Foods that have been highly processed have been associated with certain gut microbes that may have a negative impact on our health. Focus on nourishing whole foods that are minimally processed to support a healthy gut microbiome.

4️⃣ FERMENTED FOODS ARE YOUR FRIEND – they contain good bacteria (probiotics⁠). Examples include sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, miso, tempeh and live yoghurt.

⁠5️⃣ REGULAR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – this helps keep things moving⁠.

6️⃣ NO DISTRACTIONS AT MEALTIMES – try to eat mindfully which is important for optimal digestion⁠.


Bonus tip:

⚡️ CONSUME PREBIOTIC FOODS – these feed the probiotic bacteria and help them grow, multiply and thrive. Prebiotic fibre can be found in Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus, onions, garlic, tomatoes, whole grains and legumes.


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