Gluten-Free Muesli

This morning I am enjoying my delicious gluten-free muesli, containing wholegrain oats, barley flakes, sultanas, apples, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates and cinnamon), topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, dried cranberries, flaxseeds and soya milk. Yum!


Health benefits of a breakfast like this include: 
* Oats may lower your blood pressure because they are high in potassium and low in sodium
* Oats help with iron deficiency 
* Oats help to lower cholesterol as they are a soluble fibre which lowers bad LDL cholesterol levels in your blood.
* Nuts and seeds offer heart healthy fats, such as omega-3s and vitamins. 
* Berries contain powerful antioxidants which can help improve your health, protect your skin and hair, and prevent certain diseases.
* Berries contain Vitamin C which boosts the immune system and is responsible for the health of collagen, which helps maintain cartilage stores and aids in joint flexibility, reducing the risk of arthritis, cataracts, and macular degeneration.
* Berries contain folate which may protect against cardiovascular disease and age-related memory loss, and since folate contributes to the production of serotonin, it may also help ward off depression and improve your mood. 
* Flaxseeds are a rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential fatty acid omega-3. Flaxseed can also help lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

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