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Our Ethos

At Eli Brecher Nutrition, we take a 360° approach to wellbeing with a focus on gut health. We are passionate about guiding you on the path to a healthier gut and a happier you.

As an evidence-based clinic, we translate the science of nutrition into realistic, attainable advice.

When it comes to our health, there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. That’s why we take a personalised approach with each client, creating a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan to empower you to reach your unique health goals. 

We do not believe in quick fixes or crash diets. If you’re looking for long-term, sustainable results, you’re in the right place.

In order to achieve lasting health transformations, we work with clients on a 4-month basis using Eli’s unique signature system: The Mind, Body, Gut Method™, which combines: 

  • evidence-based techniques
  • personalised nutrition advice
  • lifestyle strategies
  • mindset practices
  • ongoing accountability
  • tips and tricks for navigating your unique obstacles

Our nutrition plans are tailored to your unique needs and goals, and areas we may focus on include optimising gut health, portion control, mindful eating, nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar regulation, hormones, detoxification and more. 

Working with Eli is right for you if…


✔️ you struggle with daily digestive issues, hormone concerns, energy slumps or fatigue

✔️ your health is holding you back from living life to its full potential

✔️ you’re ready to address the root cause of your health issues and implement lasting changes 

✔️ you’re fed up with feeling overwhelmed with confusing health information

✔️ you’re looking for evidence-based nutrition advice from a qualified expert

✔️ you’re interested in learning what foods and supplements are effective and right for you

✔️ you want to find out how to build balanced meals to support your gut health, energy, blood sugar levels & hormonal health

✔️ you want to feel confident in taking charge of your health and transforming your life, today and in the future

How It Works: 4 Steps

Step 1

You complete a Food Diary and a Health Questionnaire (dietary, lifestyle, family history, medical). This will ensure we get the most out of our time together.

Step 2

Our 60-minute initial consultation takes place at our Harley Street clinic or online via Zoom. In this session, we dive into your health history, clarify your goals and create a plan to help you reach them.

Step 3

You receive a personalised nutrition plan within 3 working days of the session. This includes goals, dietary recommendations, lifestyle strategies, supplement suggestions, bespoke recipes, meal ideas, informational handouts, shopping lists, tips and tricks for navigating your unique obstacles.

Step 4

Monthly consultations and unlimited email support provide ongoing accountability and encourage adherence to the plan. We review your progress regularly and update the plan to keep you on track to reach your goals.

We’re here to support you every step of the way!

Why gut health?

Do you struggle with digestive issues? Have you tried every trick online but can't seem to resolve it? Not sure what you should be eating to avoid symptoms and improve your health?

I’ve been in your shoes!

Having lived with Crohn’s my whole life, I know how debilitating gut health issues can be.

As a result of my own health struggles, I chose to specialise in gut health to empower people like you to take charge of your health – you deserve to live life to the full, without being held back by your health.

A healthy gut is essential for our overall health, with 70% of the immune system located in the gut and 95% of serotonin (the happy hormone) produced in the gut. Your gut microbiome also influences your energy levels, sleep quality, mood, skin, hormones and metabolism. 

The gut-brain-axis has a profound effect on our bodies, so we place an emphasis on supporting your mental health and stress management techniques, in order to support optimal gut health.

If you’d like to have a quick chat to see if this is right for you, book a free 15 minute introductory call (no commitments) to learn how I can help you start reaching your health goals today. 

Beyond gut health, we can help you with:

  • Hormone issues (PMS, PCOS, menopause)
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Fatigue & energy
  • High cholesterol 
  • Skin issues 
  • Weight management

What's Included:

You Will Get:

  • 4 month support period
  • 1 x initial consultation (60 mins)
  • 3 x monthly follow-up consultations (30 mins) 
  • Unlimited email support + ongoing accountability
  • Health questionnaire + food diary analysis
  • Pre-consultation research
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Recipes and meal ideas
  • Shopping lists
  • Informational handouts
  • GP referral letters for NHS tests if necessary
  • Interpretation and translation of GP tests (if necessary)

Ready to work together?

Click the button below to book the 4-month Programme, using my signature system: The Mind, Body, Gut Method™ and let’s start your journey to a healthier gut and a happier you today.

Or book a free 15 minute introductory call to see how I can help you reach your health goals. 

Why my nutrition consultations are different:

1 Personalised plans

There is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. Our personalised approach ensures that each nutrition & lifestyle plan is tailored to your unique needs to empower you to reach your health goals. 

2 Focus on gut health

Supporting a healthy gut is essential to overall wellbeing as the digestive system communicates with the whole body and the brain. All our nutrition plans are based on my signature system: The Mind, Body, Gut Method™. 

3 More than what you eat

While good nutrition certainly contributes to flourishing health, there are so many other factors. We take a 360° approach and share lifestyle recommendations about managing stress, improving sleep and learning healthy habits to help you live a happier life.

4 My qualifications

Eli is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) and hold a first-class BSc in Human Nutrition from The University of Westminster. This degree is accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN), which has been acknowledged by the NHS as the professional body for nutritionists in the UK. Eli regularly participates in ongoing CPD courses, webinars and conferences to stay up to date with the latest science.

Investing in your health is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Are you ready to transform your health?

Terms & Conditions

Full payment is required 7 days prior to the initial consultation, unless a payment plan has been agreed. Cancellation within 7 days of the appointment and no-shows will be charged at the full rate and the session will be forfeited if part of a package. 

What They Say

"Your very doable advice and suggestions have made a genuine impact"

Eli, I just want to thank you for your excellent advice and support. As a woman ‘of a certain age’ my hormone fluctuations were playing havoc with my emotional and physical well-being.

Your very doable advice and suggestions have made a genuine impact and I am feeling so much better since the easy and subtle changes I have now made to my diet. I am so utterly grateful.


"Get in touch with Eli, and you won’t look back"

Eli showed me a whole new approach to food - and that eating the right foods rather than crazy dieting works better and makes me more energised. She has taught me that my food choices can make a real difference to how I look and feel, particularly when it comes to bloating.

I found Eli to be extremely knowledgeable, she wanted to work around my likes and dislikes of food so that I would be encouraged to follow her advice. She is passionate about what she does and always approachable, on hand to advise between sessions and was so happy when I reported in to say her ideas, advice and recipes were working for me.

If you're in a rut, do something positive today – get in touch with Eli , and you won’t look back.


"I would 100% recommend her"

I came to Eli struggling with a long list of IBS symptoms and she was massively helpful with dietary advice. I have noticed huge improvements in terms of my IBS, gut health and overall wellbeing.

Eli was so supportive and encouraging and checked in on me regularly to see how I was getting on. She was thoughtful and took the time and effort to listen and understand my issues. I would 100% recommend her to anyone struggling with digestive issues or looking for general nutrition guidance!


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