Blackberry Jam

Homemade Blackberry Jam Recipe Eli Brecher

Homemade Blackberry Jam Recipe Eli Brecher

Make your own Blackberry Jam in less than half an hour with just 5 ingredients!

Last weekend we went fruit-picking and gathered an enormous punnet of blackberries, among other seasonal fruits and vegetables – strawberries, marrow, Swiss chard, courgette and more! It was the first Saturday that really felt autumnal – golden crunchy leaves falling from the trees, and dark threatening clouds, but there’s something about picking your own produce that makes you feel so wholesome and connected to nature – especially when you cook it into your very own blackberry jam!

Did you know most jams you find in the supermarket are loaded with sugar and preservatives? Meanwhile, my Blackberry Jam has no added sugar whatsoever! It’s also high in fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and protein, all thanks to the chia seeds I sneak in here which help it bind while adding a boost of nutrients! In additions, berries are naturally high in antioxidants, making this Blackberry Jam the perfect breakfast component.

Blackberry Chia Jam Recipe

Some mornings I wake up craving a classic PB&J sandwich. There’s no better start to the day than enjoying your favourite childhood breakfast, accompanied by a warm cup of coffee, or maybe a matcha if that’s your thing (by the way, are you team coffee or team matcha?)

Why not use this jam in my Chocolate PB&J Cups, spread over a slab of Mocha Banana Bread, dollop it onto your overnight oats or simply eat it by the spoonful – I won’t judge!

You can switch up the blackberries for raspberries, blueberries or you favourite fruit (or use a mixture of any fresh or frozen berries). Give it a go and don’t forget to tag me in a photo on Instagram @elibrechernutrition – I’d love to see!

Berry Chia Jam Vegan Recipe

Blackberry Jam Recipe – Vegan, High Fibre


  • 1 and 1/2 cups blackberries
  • 1/2 cup strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract



  1. Combine the berries in a pan with a small splash of water (about 1 tablespoon) and bring to a boil, gently mashing with the back of a wooden spoon and stirring consistently.
  2. Reduce to a low heat, add the lemon juice, chia seeds and vanilla and simmer for 20 minutes, continuing to stir frequently to avoid the jam sticking to the pot as it thickens.
  3. Remove from heat, allow to cool fully and then store in a sealed jar in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

I’d love to know what you think of this recipe – let me know on Instagram if you make this @elibrechernutrition

Homemade Blackberry Jam Recipe Eli Brecher


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